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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yet Edmund was beloved

We humans have a problem. We do not like to face to reality. Reality stinks. It is harsh, painful, and, as far as we are concerned, unfair. So most of choose to live in the realm of perception. We live in a fantasy world based on the way we want things to be. It doesn't matter that the life we think we live is not the life we really live. A postmodern maxim is, "Life is all a matter of perspective." That is simply a way of saying, "All that matters in life is perspective." Reality isn't anything other than what we see, and each person sees something different. I see this every day at work, and I am beginning to see it in my own life. The kids that I work with will settle for the illusion of control rather than to actually take control of their own lives. They would rather get into trouble for doing what they want to do, even though they know they are wrong and that it gets them nowhere, than to face reality and do what they need to do. For them, if a staff member is telling them to do something, and they would rather not listen to that particular staff member at that particular time, it is a victory for them if they "stick by their guns." It may make their time more miserable, and it may develop habits that will get them nowhere in life, but that doesn't matter. They have won. I recently saw a film called "The Purple Rose of Cairo." It is a movie by Woody Allen. If you think you don't like Woody Allen films, or you never seen a Woody Allen picture, you ought to check this one out. It is quite funny and very good. It is about a housewife during the depression. They only joy she gets from life is going to the movies. One day she sees a movie called "The Purple Rose of Cairo." She likes it so much that she sits in the theater all day watching it over and over. Eventually, the characters on the screen see her and begin talking to her. One of the characters, who is sick of being in the movie, walks off the screen and into the real world. As I said, it is a pretty funny film, but it is also very thought provoking. The main character is given a choice between the real world and the world of illusion. The choice she makes has consequences you wouldn't expect. The main point of the film is that life is hard, and we need movies, or some type of illusion to carry us through it. Woody Allen doesn't believe in God, so he believes in film. The only way we can get through this cruel world is by accepting the only reality there is. That is that there is a God, He has a Son, and His Son died on the cross for us.
By the way, can someone tell me where the quote in the title comes from?
That is all.


Jess said...

I can't

Chastity said...

I'll be sure NOT to rent the movie "The Purple Rose of Cairo". Ha! Ha!

Mark said...

King Lear.
I was pretty sure it was Shakespeare, but I couldnt quite remember which one. I had to look it up. If that's cheating, I'm sorry and "we'll make amends ere long... Give me your hands if we be friends and Robin will restore amends."