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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear Twin City students:

So, you are in your second full week of school. With any luck you can make it to your first break on Monday. If not, then my condolences. At my current job, I have holidays, but I have to work on them. I guess they are not really holidays, then. I do get extra pay, which is nice.
I am sure you are working diligently on all your classes, as it usually takes 3 weeks for the average student to stop working. Don't forget to do your homework. I work with guys that didn't do their homework and are now in prison. I am not saying that the two are related, nor am I saying that they are unrelated. I would recommend taking the chance.
Please be nice to your teachers. I have no doubt most of them are doing their best. If you feel that their best is not good enough, then maybe you are not good enough. Make sure you thank them often, and sincerely. You can do nothing greater for them than to show them that you truly appreciate them.
Keep doing well. And keep your head up. I mean that literally. You all know what Mr. Arnold thinks about you sleeping in class. As I am no longer there, you cannot get away with it.
That is all.

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Mark Gomez said...

Thanks for the kind words and good advice to the students. As the third week contains a holiday, some students have decided a week and half is long enough to keep working. By the way, your room is really warm. Maybe its all the computers in the lab next door, but I'm always warm in there.