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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peanut butter and yogurt

Yesterday I was eating lunch with my kids. Aidan had already eaten and was running around somewhere. Addie was sitting at the table until she fell off her chair (This happens way more than it should. I think my dreams of her being an Olympic gymnast or ice skater may fall prey to the clutches of poor balance.) As I picked her up, I saw on her face an intriguing mixture of tears, yogurt, and peanut butter. It was a very cute image. She wasn't hurt, in case you were wondering, though she thought she was. Some hugs and kisses by daddy fixed everything. Jenni bought her a shirt yesterday that says, "Daddy says I can." I honestly don't know what Jenni is thinking.
My nephew had a birthday party on Sunday. It was his first birthday. It was a fun time. I taught Aidan how to run with a football. He has really good technique. He says he wants to play football when he is 7. I think he could be the next Reggie Bush. He does have a tendency to fall down on his own as he is running. That is something we will have to work on when we start two-a-days next year. As we were sitting around at the party Aidan comes up to me and says, "Hey." So I say, "Hey." He then says, "What's going on?" Apparently he had just spoke with his Uncle Matt and this is what Matt had said to him. He is a very smart kid.
Sonya has yet to say a word, as this worries me. She is nearly 5 months old (She will be on Thursday.) I think she is going to be the quite, introspective, artistic type. That is okay with me. She can now turn from her back to her stomach, and from her stomach to her back. I cannot tell you how exciting this is for us.
Jenni is doing well. She stays pretty busy with her work and with house work. Our kids can get out every single toy they own is less than fifteen seconds. They are really talented. We could clean the house and it would be messy before our tush hits the couch. She does a great job with the kids, however.
My brother Kip and his wife Nikki had their first baby, Kole. He was born last week, which was 9 weeks early. Everything went well, though, and mom and baby are doing great. Kole was 4 pounds and some ounces. He is very tiny and very cute. Kip is doing well. My mom is down in Florida with my sister Emily who is due in a couple of weeks. Emily has a high risk pregnancy, so the doctors are keeping a close watch on her. We are looking forward to hearing good news from her.
That is all.

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Jess said...

awww!! congrats to Kip and Nikki! It is so good to hear that they are all doing well with baby Kole.


I'm very excited about the season premiere! woohoooo. And I have volleyball practice that night from 7-9p and I just found out the Tim Stanley's (the kid that would come to church with me every once in a while) roommates are WICKED Office fans, and they have both the first and second season on their X-Box. SOOO, I'm probably going to go over there to watch the premiere if it's airing after my practice! -- because we all know they're going to check with my schedule to make sure it fits with me! haha.

keep posting!!