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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My dearest Twin City Students:

Guess what. You folks are nearly one month into the school year. You have merely 9 to go. I am almost certain you can make it.
I really like what Mr. Gomez is doing with the website. You need to make sure you thank him often for all his work. I check it as often as I can to find out what is going on. I really enjoy seeing the soccer highlights. I hope you can get some more up there soon. I see that both the soccer and volleyball teams have struggled with a couple of games. Keep focused and keep working hard.
I have some quick advice for you guys: Sweat the small stuff. By that I mean focus on doing all the "little" things--i.e. doing your homework, keeping the schedule, maintaining the dress code, following directions in class, etc.--and you won't have to worry about the "bigger" things. Even though you may think they are not important (How hard is it for us to obey rules we think are silly!) life is so much easier when we do the things we are supposed to do. I am not telling you this because I always do what I am expected to do. I tell you this because I don't always do what is expected of me.
Finally, keep you heads up. Don't sleep in class.
That is all.

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