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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Worse than it looks

That is indeed our car. Myself, Aidan, and Addie were indeed in it at the time of the roll. And we all were completely unharmed indeed. All were quite frightened, yet nonetheless uninjured. This happened on Sunday afternoon. I have recently re-watched "The Bourne Identity" and was attempting a driving maneuver I saw in the movie when somehow something went terribly wrong. I have no idea how it could have happened--I have seen the movie at least 3 times. Part of the problem is that a Mazda MPV is not a Mini Cooper. I consider it a lesson learned.
That, of course, is not how it happened. The actual way in which it happened is much more boring and much more my fault. Thus, I am going to leave it at that. We are all still doing well. The car is still sleeping, as my son would say. The external damage is surprising minimal--several scrapes and a dent. I have no way of ascertaining if there is any damage to the frame or suspension. I am waiting to find that out.
In other news, I recently obtained a new phone. It is a Motorola Razor. It is really cool. It has about 300 features that I would probably never use, so I am not completely sure if I am going to keep it. I would like to, though, because it is so stinking cool.
Jenni and Aidan and Adelae and Sonya are all doing well. Jenni and her sister are still trying to start their business. They have sent out a cart-load of letters and are waiting to hear back from someone. Aidan is a smart as ever. He was singing an FFH song the other day. We aren't quite sure where he heard it--probably on the radio. At any rate, he knows one line and he sings it over and over again: "One day, I'll hear, the trumpet load and clear. And all together we'll fly away. . . One day, I'll hear, the trumpet . . ." You get the point. Addie has learned how to manipulate me. I cannot explain how she is able to do this, but she does. When I put her down at night, she asks for about 18 different toys and blankets that she wants in her bed. I give in to her. She has more toys on her bed than there is on an entire Caribbean island. Last night I was in my room after her bedtime. I heard her crying that she was "stinky". So I pulled her out of bed to change her to find out that she has not "stinky" at all. A few minutes later she was crying that she had to go "potty". So I pulled her out of bed and put her on the "potty". After about two seconds and no business, she tells me that she was done. When will I learn? Sonya is doing well rolling from her back to her belly. She also has become quite proficient at being a helicopter. She sits on the floor and rotates around. We think she is either going to be a gymnast, a swimmer, a volleyball player, a basketballer, or a cyclist (as she likes to lay on her back and kick her legs in the air).
No changes or major incidents at work. I have discovered, however, the secret to human nature. If the average person were on a lifeboat after being rescued from a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean, he/she would complain that the seats were too hard. If one were in the middle of the desert and some-other-one found them and offered them a drink of water, they (that is, the original one) would prefer if there was more ice. I have said before, if everyone in America owned a BMW, the one that owned one would want to be like the one that owned two. We are never content. The average person is unwilling to see the good things that are in their life. They would much rather focus on the numerous evils and injustices that have befallen them. For the average one, an injustice is anytime they are not treated as king/queen. The reason why many people study mythology is that they are researching their genealogy. We need to learn to be "guilty for all and before all." We need to learn that "before God, we are always in the wrong."
That is all.


Jess said...

That picture looks horrible, and I am so glad that you are all alright. I sure hope Mrs. Doan is taking away all action movie priviledges from now on.

Jess said...

I mean: "privileges" haha. my mistake

Mark Gomez said...

I'm glad I wasn't Jess' spelling teacher. At least she fixed it though. I recently tried the move where he climbs on the side of the building, only I was on the backboard. I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, but I guess I should consider myself lucky now. I guess God was watching over you. Which of course implies that for all other accidents where someone actually suffered injury, God must have been looking away at the time. Someone recently had a praise about how their young child fell down a flight of stairs with nary a bruise so her guardian angel was taking care of her. Our daughter rode her bike down a flight of stairs and skinned her face and bled everywhere (she's fine). So either we got a bum guardian angel for our daughter, or the angel guarantee doesn't cover bicycle accidents. Hmmm, i wonder if there's an extended warranty we can get on the clumsy one.

QNormal said...

You should be safe if your premiums are all up-to-date. However, bicycles accidents are like flood insurance. Talk to your guardian angel agent about getting bicycle-accident protection added to your plan.