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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It takes all kinds

It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. That is how the old saying goes. That is definitely true at my workplace. The guys with whom I work all have distinct yet familiar personalities. One of the guys is a know-it-all do-it-all. He is somewhat cocky and arrogant. I have yet to find a subject on which he is not well-versed, or at least, he thinks he is not well versed. I have yet to experience a minute in which his mouth is not running. He really gets going when play a game, like basketball or rugby. He has a comment on every single play. I have yet to be able to correct him. He gets upset if anyone asks him if he has permission to do what he is doing, as though he would never do anything he is not supposed to do. He seems to think he runs the place. I am thinking of asking him for some time off in November.
Another fellow on our group annoys everyone. He is a very needy kid. Each moment of each day he is desperate for attention, so much so you would think he will shrivel up if he doesn't get it. He is always asking me for something. "Am I doing good today coach? Can I do something for extra credit? Am I having a good day? Can I get a new pair of shorts? How am I doing today?" Not a day goes by when another student on the group yells at him or gets upset at him.
One of the guys on the group is the silent, underground rebel type. He seems to think he is some kind of important person, though he will unfailingly deny it. He is another one that must get his way, or rather, must be able to think he is getting his way. He really doesn't like being told what to do. He likes to do whatever he wants, and he always seems to have permission to be doing whatever he wants.
We have all kinds on our group. Sometimes I wonder how these guys got this way. Last Saturday our guys had visits, and I began to see why some of these guys are the way they are. I believe that everybody makes their own choices, but they make their choices in response to some influence in their live. These guys have plenty of influences in their life, not many of them good. I do not think any of the guys come from a stable home. As I looked around the visitation room on Saturday, I saw many fathers and mothers, but not at the same tables. I saw many stepfathers and stepmothers. I saw little children, the progeny of the young men with whom I work. As I looked at the mothers and fathers, I saw much disappointment and disapproval. I saw high expectations that had not been met. I saw low expectations that had been met. There was much brokenness in the room. There was much hurt. I began to understand why the guys are the way they are. I began to understand why these guys have gotten themselves into so much trouble. I felt bad for them. The annoying young fellow I talked about was there with his mother and soon-to-be stepfather. His mother was a work. I believe she went through all five basic emotions at least twice throughout the two hour visit. Surely that has something to do with why the kid is the way he is. The first and last student I talked about did not have any visitors. Several students did not have any visitors, primarily because they had no one to visit them. Once again, I felt bad for these kids. By the way, they are kids. They like to think they are big tough kids, but they are not. They are kids that simply need a mother and father to love each other and love them. They may be too simplistic, but that is the way I see it. As I thought about the guys, I wondered what was going to stop the cycle from starting over again. Most of the guys have kids already. What are they going to do for them? Are their kids going to end up in the place they are in right now?
Meanwhile, in local news
, we are doing well. Jenni is staying busy with work and "home" work. The kids are keeping busy keeping mom busy. Our car is falling apart. A few weeks ago I pulled out of the garage crooked and broke the passenger's side mirror. I plan on buying a new door when I get the money. This weekend, the driver's side window broke. Now I have to buy a new car. For now, we are driving without a psm (passenger's side mirror), which makes driving on I-25 really exciting, especially when I have to move left. Last night I had to duct tape the driver's side window so it would stay in place. It looks very "ghetto". I also spilt some coffee on the floor a few weeks ago. All this upsets me greatly.
Aidan is striving to do everything I do. On Monday I took the kids on a bike ride. We have one of those little trailers that I can pull behind my bike. The kids like it. The sit back there with their bucket full of toys and sing and argue. I struggle to keep my heart from bursting as I pull them and me up a decent sized hill. We all have fun. When we got back, I was pretty hot, so I was standing under a ceiling fan with my shirt off attempting to cool off. Aidan came up and needed his shirt off, because it was sweaty and he needed to cool off. Later, when I put my shirt back on, Aidan needed his shirt on, because it was no longer sweaty (those were all his exact words).
Addie is still tripping over everything. Sonya is as smiley as ever. She has learned to turned from her back to her belly. This has proved to be very exciting for us.
I have a special message for all those students at Twin City Christian School:
Ha! Ha! You guys are back in school! Enjoy all your classes!
I do hope you guys have a great year. I am going to miss all of you, except for the ones that I have never met, as I can not miss some one I do not know. Make sure you do what you are supposed to do. Life is much easier that way. Make sure you do your homework. I am not SpEAkiNg to anyone particular. I am Simply Expressing A necessary maxim: you will do better in school if you do your homework. Be easy on your teachers. They have a difficult job. Don't make it more difficult by being difficult. And finally, enjoy school. You have don't have to enjoy every part of it, but you should try to enjoy to enjoy the whole of it. After all, you could be home watching Judge Judy. I think school is much better. Good luck
That is all.

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I have spread the word. You will be getting numerous hits and comments in the near future. :)

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