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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Making progress

I have made some real progress in my transition here. The other day I went to the Drivers License Place to get my Drivers License. That was a Titanic-load of fun. I decided to go at 11:00 a.m. thinking that everybody would be at lunch. They were. Unfortunately everyone in the Denver Metro area chose to eat their lunch at the Drivers License place. This was not a problem, though, since ostensibly half the staff of the Drivers License Place was at lunch at another location. I was glad, because government workers have to eat too. I stood in line next to a guy who had some sort of a complaint for the Government of Denver, which apparently is run by communists who are out to get him. I told him that they are and that I am part of the master plan to ruin his life. He was upset because, when you need to change your address in Colorado, all you get is a blank sticker on which to write your new address. He felt they should give you a sticker with your address printed on it. "They can't afford to give you a sticker, but they can afford to give you an $80 ticket." He said this several times to anyone within a mile radius. Each time the amount of ticket raised. "They can't afford a sticker but they can afford a $500 ticket. Know what I mean?" I can't tell you if he was able to rectify his situation because my brain exploded after 20 minutes of his asinine complaints. At one point he turned to a lady who was foolish enough to respond to him and said, "You know, in ten years, we are going to be the minority." I looked at him and said, "Not a chance. There will always be far more idiots than normal people." At any rate, I did complete the required 2 hour wait and apply for my license, which cost $15.60, or enough to buy at least 2 stickers, if they so chose. Here is my picture:
On the job front, I have one. I will be working at the Rite of Passage--Ridge View Youth Services Center (or ROPRVYSC, pronounced Roper-Viskey). ROPRVYSC is a treatment center/boarding school for troubled teens. The kids that are there are coming out of Denver Youth Corrections. I will finally be able to put my ghetto experience to good use. My position is called Coach/Counselor. I get to "hang" with the kids throughout the day. I see them to their classes (there is a fully-functioning school on site), and to their meals, and to their afternoon vocational lessons, and to their sports lessons. I get to run 3 miles with them each day. I am not sure of the totally of my job. I will be starting on Wednesday. I work 14 hours a day for 3.5 days a week, which means I get 3.5 full days off. I do not get to carry a gun, or mace, or a mace, or one of those telescoping metal sticks with which to hit people. But I do get to wear shorts and sneakers all day doing my best Mike Weston impression. I will be sure to post after my first week.
That is all.

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Jess said...

Going by picture, Colorado is treating you well.