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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Third of July fireworks

Last night, my family and I went to a Colorado Rockies game, after which we saw a fireworks display.
(Not the actual display.)

We had a really good time. We arrived at the game at the perfect time, during the seventh inning stretch (FYI: the best time to arrive at a hockey game is at the beginning of the fourth period). Thus, we had to watch only 2 1/2 innings, or the equivalent of three college basketball games. The Rockies were playing the San Francisco Giants, which looked surprisingly small from our vantage point in the nose bleed section of left field. It may of been right field. I don't know which is which and truly care more about the sock size of Nomar Garciaparra. We were priveledged to see the Honorable Barry Bonds "at bat". Everyone booed when he stepped up to the plate. Someone yelled out, "Too bad they don't make steriods for your brain, you moron!" but he didn't hear me. We were all anxious as the pitcher flung the cowhide (I think that is the right expression) towards home plate. I was hoping that he would hit a homer and that somehow I would end up with ball. If this happened, I would "arrange" a career ending injury to befall Senior Bonds (I know a guy who specializes in such "accidents"). I don't mean anything life-threatening or appearance altering. Just a simple knee or shoulder mishap from which the 62-year slugger old could not recover, even if he were another, or the Incredible Hulk's brother. Thus, I would be in possession of Barry "The Fake Muscle" Bonds' last home run. I would then wait a couple of weeks to sell the ball on eBay for a cool 500 large. This seemed like a fool-proof plan. Unfortunately, Barry "The Fool" Bonds popped up into the infield and was out. How insenstive of him. Some other things happend at the game, and some team won, but I wasn't paying attention.
The fireworks display was good. It wasn't great. The kids liked it, and that is what is important. The best part was when Barry Bonds caught one the fireworks in his mouth. When it exploded, the sparks came out his nose. I don't know how he did it, but it sure was cool.
That is all.

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Jess said...

oh my goodness. I was going to comment on every post since "littered with boxes" with "hahahahahah, that was the best post ever!", but I would have said that for four posts. So I figured just one would be sufficient.

Especially this post and the next three posts made me laugh, so thank you! It was greatly needed!!!

Keep it up! && I love the pictures, too!
Jess Booth :þ