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Monday, April 09, 2007

I am not the only one

I agree with everything on this page, except for everything it says about everything other than "Arrested Development." I am a big AD fan. No show in TV history was more funny. I own all three seasons on DVD. I can watch them now and still catch some jokes I didn't in the first 4 or 5 viewings. I even caught some things in synopsis that I didn't catch before.
If you never watched the show, and by watched the show, I mean watched an entire season of the show, you missed out. It is so very funny. I laugh every time I think of the "chicken dance." I don't like catch-phrases that much, but I find myself saying, "Come on!" and, "Hey, sister-in-law" every now-and-then. Every character on the show is my favorite character. I laugh whenever I hear or see anything that reminds me of one of them.
I really enjoy the recurring jokes of the show. Like the aforementioned dance and salutation. Also, "That was a freebie," or "She doesn't know what she is saying," or "It is not a trick. It is an illusion," or "But where did the pennies come from?" This was a great show.
If you have never seen it, come over to my house and we can watch all 53 episodes together. "This party will be off the hook."
That is all.

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