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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Tonight at 7:00 PM, MST, the University of North Carolina "Tarheels" (a antiquated term, if you ask me) will play the Duke University "Blue Devils" (named after calvary horses of the first World War) in a game of round ball at Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium. This is one of the premier sporting events of the year. UNC has a terrific team this year. Duke is not as good as they usually are, but they are better than most. It looks to be an exciting game.
Tonight at 9:00 PM, MST, ABC will air the "Spring Premier" for "Lost." "Lost" is a stupid show that continually manipulates the audience with absurd storylines, outrageous plot twists, and exaggerated characters. The show maintains tension by seldom, if ever, resolving any of the plot lines. I do not like this show. Yet, I have been duped into watching enough times to get, as the TV execs say, "hooked." Now I feel as though I have no choice but to watch it (O, the terrors of decadent technology!).
I am afraid, terribly afraid, that the Duke game will not end before the stupid show begins. I want to watch both. I am recording "Lost" on our DVR, but that is on our smaller bedroom TV. I want to watch "Lost" on my bigger TV. I don't know what to do, other than puke and cry. Please, help me.
That is all.

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