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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The West Wing

For Christmas, my dear wife gave me the complete series of "The West Wing". This is the best dramatic TV show I have ever watched. I really enjoy watching it. It has great story lines, interesting, realistic characters, and hilarious dialog.

Sam: I am dumb. I usually act smart.

The set consists of 45 DVDs of all 142 episodes. It will probably take me three years to watch it all, but it will be an adventure. If I am able to watch 2 episodes tonight, I will have completed the first season, and will have only 6 seasons to go.
One of the aspects I "enjoy" about the show is the liberal perspective. No other show so clearly portrays the liberal world view, and the arrogance and certainty by which they hold this world view. It is provokes me to think about all kinds of current issues. Many of these issues I will review on my other blog. I hope you will check it out, if you dare.
That is all.

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Anonymous said...

i got seasons three and four this weekend! i had already gotten one and two from my last birthday so i am a little bit ahead. i won't have much time to watch them though. mbbc frowns on dvds. congrats on your gift and enjoy. i love the dialouge.