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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kids. What can you do?

My kids are darlings nearly all of the time.
As many of you may know, Aidan finds anything train-ish to be truly delightful. He received a Vanderbiltian amount of trains for his birthday. He spends hours playing with them. He would like more trains for Christmas. One item of which he is dangerously insufficient is snigals (that is how he says "signals"). He must have more snigals, else the trains will not know when to start and stop. We could have a AlGorian train eco-disaster on our hands. Please, send Aidan some more snigals.
Addie is very cute. She is so sweet you could pour her on you pancakes. She can look at daddy with her big, beautiful blue eyes, and daddy turns to pancakes. This is not the major problem. The major problem is that she knows she is cuter than a Beanie Baby. She uses this puppy-ish charm to charm her way out of trouble. Daddy finds it very difficult to be stern with her.
Sonya is turning into quite the Leona Helmsly. I was feeding her her oatmeal this morning. At times I would stop to drink my coffee (the sweet nectar of the gods), and she would start crying. Apparently, my task was to provide a constant river of food to her mouth. She needed to be constantly swallowing food, else she would express her disappointment. She is going to be quite the demanding young lady.
Yes, my children are truly delightful.
That is all.

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Jess said...

awww this is all too cute! We miss all of you!!!! Please come visit soon!!