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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dear TC Students, Vol. 12:

It has been too long. I know. I apologize for that. I could tell you that I have been busy, but that doesn't matter. Everyone on earth but Arabian Bedouins are busy. (Note: the fact that Arabian Bedouins are not busy does not mean they do not have character. They are noble, hard-working folk who happen to have little to do.) I could tell you that there have been tremendous changes happening in my life and my blog, but that too does not matter. Life is change. A life that doesn't include change is death. I could tell you that I simply have not sat down and written a new post to you, and that would be the truest statement.
We are getting close to the Christmas break. Isn't that exciting? As far as I know, everyone likes Christmas. Even more so everyone likes vacation from school. My Christmas wish is that all of you have a tremendous Christmas time. My Christmas wish is that each of you do three specific acts this Holiday season.
The first is that you spend time and enjoy your friends and family. We hear it all the time, but we don't listen often enough. The fullness of life comes from those whom we love and those who love us. The things of life come and go, and leave little in their wake. The people that we know leave a lasting impact on our life. The question we must ask is, what impact are you leaving on others? Think about how you can show someone that you appreciate them and what they do. Almost as important is showing others that we appreciate that they appreciate us. Value others.
The second is to spend some time in quiet reflection. Reflect on the past year. Reflect on what God has done for you. Reflect on the good times you have had. Reflect on the apparent bad times you have had. Reflect on the decisions you have made, and what you have or could have learned from them. The past is past and there is nothing we could do to change it. However, the past is prologue, and we can learn much for future reference if we look at the past in the proper light.
The final act we must all complete, is to buy me a generous present. I have already listed one item I would like to have. Another item is the complete set of "The West Wing." Expensive? Yes. But can we put a price tag on someone that is priceless? God forbid.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
That is all.

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