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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A million little changes

I am Colorado born and bred. I love this state. I may have left her for a while, but she never left me. I love the big sky and the endless horizons. I love the towering peaks that reach up towards the bunny rabbit clouds in the sky. As you walk around you can smell the smell of angel's wings, and beer and trash in some places of Denver. This is the greatest state in the union. I truly enjoyed my time in Massachusetts and I am really going to miss the people and our church. We can never replace them (some of them we can imitate, though). I am going to miss the fall colors from the omnipresent trees. Sorrowfully I leave the Bay State behind. Expectantly I start again in Colorful (which is mainly brownish green and greyish brown) Colorado. However, I have not lived here for over 11 years. Furthermore, even though my family moved to Denver approximately 9 years ago, I have never lived in Denver for more than a month. Thus, there are several aspects of Western living that I have to get used to.
The first is the dry air. I hate humidity. I would rather eat a plate raw broccoli than to live in a humid environment. Though Massachusetts is not Florida humid, but it is also not Colorado dry. I have to get accustomed to waking up each day with dry bugers in my nose. They make sneezing an experience.
I need to readjust to the Television schedule. Every show is at a different time than what it was in MA. For this time zone, the shows are an hour earlier. However, sports shows and other live broadcasts are two hours earlier. I don't know why that is. Maybe I am in some type of space-time hiccup. At any rate, I have to modify my TV viewing schedule. Thankfully, nothing but bulah is on TV, so there is nothing that I have to watch. Though, I do have to get up earlier to watch World Cup Soccer. I don't know how it will all work when College Basketball season starts.
The biggest adjustment I have to make is to the water in our bathroom. Jenni and I now have our own bathroom off of our own bedroom. Of course, we had our own bedroom before, which tripled as a playroom and storage facility. But we did not have our own bathroom. This house has 3 1/2. I could use a different bathroom for each different type of bathroom use. This is so stinking nice I could sing. However, the water-temperature-adjustment procedure in our shower is a bit different. Formerly, if I wanted the water warmer I turned down the cold water nob. Here, if I want the water warmer, I have to turn up the hot water nob. This is very confusing. I am left-brain dominate and this throws me for a loop. I have not been this discombobulated since Brian Denehy replaced Kirk Douglas as the father character in the Man from Snowy River films. I don't know if I will ever get it right.
All variations aside, we are enjoying ourselves. My job search is going well, and I should be able to update you on the progress there shortly. As for now, I have to go to the bathroom. First I need to figure our how, and, therefore, which one.

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