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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The "e" in "e-music" stands for "free"

Many months ago I signed up for e-music. It is a web-based music service. You pay a flat rate and you can download so many songs each month. I signed up because of a promotion--I would get 50 free songs with my first month. So I paid $11 for 25 downloads a month. That meant I could download 75 songs for only $11. Not a bad deal. I downloaded the 75 and quickly canceled my membership. All the songs were mine to keep.
Several months later they offered me another deal. If I came back, they would give me 75 free downloads. So I did. This time I had to pay $13 for 24 downloads. With the 75 free that took me to 99. After I downloaded my songs, I tried to cancel. They now told me I could get another month free. That is 25 more free downloads.
At this point, I have downloaded 199 songs for only $25. Actually, I probably downloaded more. Some albums require only 12 credits (1 credit typically equals one song), yet there are more than 12 songs on the album.
Just the other day, after I had canceled for the second time, they offered me 75 more free downloads if I would come back and pay $16 for 35 downloads a month. $16 for another 110 downloads. Great deal.
e-music doesn't have everything. They have mainly independent music. But they have much good stuff. They have some older stuff, which is nice. They are getting more mainstream records labels. Here are most of the artists I was able to get something from (in no particular order):

The Decemberists
Belle and Sebastian
The Strokes
The Mountain Goats
The Zombies
Bob Dylan (they have almost all of his albums)
The Byrds
Arcade Fire
Thelonius Monk
John Coltrane
Charlie Parker
The Yardbirds
The Pixies
Fiction Family
Neutral Milk Hotel (the real name of a real band--I really like them)
Bon Iver
Modest Mouse
The Kinks
Jeff Beck
Jars of Clay
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Deep Purple
Simon and Garfunkel

All-in-all, some pretty good music.
A few weeks ago, I was able to buy the newest Switchfoot album on Amazon for only $5. Also, on Amazon, I was given $5 credit for mp3's since I spent so much on textbooks, so I just downloaded me some Pink Floyd.
For Christmas, Jenni and the kids gave me several albums--including:

The Beach Boys--Pet Sounds (one of the best studio albums ever, and that is Paul McCartney's opinion)
The Who--Live at Leeds (one of the best live albums ever)
Green Day--American Idiot
Weezer--Weezer (the Blue Album)

Now, my iPod is full (even though my iPod is broken and all this songs are on cd's and on my computer). I have much good music hear.

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