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Thursday, December 17, 2009

From the edge of the world

It has indeed been a long time since I updated this blog with relevant family data. These last months have been eventful. Let me summarize quickly:
In May Jenni gave birth to Colette.
In June I had hernia surgery.
In June my sister Amanda got married.
In July we thought we could not afford to keep our house, so we put it on the market. Getting your house ready to sell, and keeping it ready to show, is not fun, particularly when you have four rambunctious kids.
In August I was laid off from my job.
In August I was not actually laid off from my job. I was recommissioned.
In August our house was still on the market.
In August Jenni went back to work.
In September (-ish), we decided we could keep the house if the bank would work with us.
In September I decided to go back to school to get a master's in mathematics. I realized I needed to take about 14 undergrad classes before I could even begin the master's program. I also realized that a degree from an unaccredited university is as useful as a degree from a Jamaican casino.
In September I discovered an insurance company was suing me. I was in an accident 3 years ago and did not have insurance.
In September Jenni started homeschooling our kids.
In October I quit my job so I could focus on college.
In November we found out that we can keep our house.
In November Aidan turned 7 years way-to-old-for-our-sweet-little-boy.
And today, I am updating my blog.
We are all doing well. Healthy, happy, growing in the Lord, and utterly thankful for His provision, particularly His provision within the Body.
Aidan has been doing tennis lessons, and really enjoys it.
Addie is taking dance lessons. She really enjoys it. In the pictures below you can see our little ballerina.
Sonya is learning how to irritate her brother and sister.
Colette is growing like a yam.
Enjoy these sets of pictures.



Chastity Gomez said...

Thanks for the update! Wow- what a crazy year for you guys! We would LOVE to have your family over for dinner- maybe after Christmas? I will have Mark call you to set up a date- its been WAY too long- tell Jenni I said hello! And you are an amazing photographer- we need you to take our families picture!

Bradley Maston said...


Matt and Emily Sealy said...

LOVE all the pics, Jeremy. Especially the one with Mouse holding little Colette and looking down at her. What a treasure to have! We miss you guys!