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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Broken DVD

A few weeks ago my DVD player started acting funny. It would only play movies backwards. This is what happened.


Bradley Maston said...

Classic! Hilarious, and beautiful!

Chastity Gomez said...

I dont have your email, so I just thought I'd contact you thru here- my friend Megan whom I work with- her sister is getting married on Fri, April 30th and is looking for a good photographer who isnt REALLY expensive. I mentioned that I knew you and you were GREAT so she asked me to ask you what you would charge. Not sure if you would want to do it or not. It is a secular wedding and they are getting married and having the reception at The Magnolia Hotel in downtown. an its an evening wedding. the guy they were looking at (and almost going with) for photography was charging them $1300. So, I bet you could make quite a bit if you decide to do it- let me know what you think. Her sister lives in Seattle, but is getting married here. She will be in town next weekend, so you may be able to meet with her then. And if you'd like an assistant, I wouldnt mind helping you! i LOVE weddings and know Megan who is in it:) Anyway, email me with what you're thinking..
Thanks Jeremy