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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Making a music video

Setting: Glormorlux Production Studios, Des Moines, IA
Time: September 23, 1980

Director: All right people. Let's get started. We need to get this music video for Armi Ja Danny's near pop-hit "I want to love you tender" made soon. Where are we on the props?
Prop manager: Well, I have not heard the song, but since the group is from Finland, I thought we could go with a gazebo.
D: A gazebo?
PM: Let me finish. A gazebo . . . in space.
D: Niiice. I am liking that idea. We'll go Ziggy Stardust with this baby. Great! What kind of costumes will we have?
Costume maker: I too have not hear the song. But, I was thinking of going with a 50's sock hop theme. The dancers would be dressed in cheerleader uniforms for an all-boys prep school, and Danny and Armi can be dressed as the chaperone's.
D: No good. Armi insists on wearing his BeGees outfit.
CM: I think I can still make it work.
D: I am feeling it. Rocketman meets Grease. Groovy. What about the choreography?
Dance choreographer: Having not heard the song, I can't be sure how it will go. However, I have been working on a really fly routine that combines the Hokey-Pokey, a Hari Chrishna dance, with a mildly suggestive yet completely unoffensive disco step. I could even through a Rumba line and some Tai Chi in there.
D: Are you sure you have enough for the whole song? They tell me it is nearly three and a half minutes long.
DC: I can cover everything but about twenty seconds. But, no worries. We can have the dancers walk in front of the camera doing whatever feels natural.
D: Perfect. Oh! I almost forgot. Armi wants a really snazzy ending. Any ideas?
PM: We could have them ride off on unicorns.
CM: We could have them slide down a rainbow.
DC: We could have them floating off into space in the back of a '56 Chevy.
D: Winner! That will tie everything up with a American Grafitti finale. I like it. I like it alot. Folks, we are giving the world something they have never seen before. Go to it.

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