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Monday, October 27, 2008


I need your help. I am entering a photo contest. The category is portraits. The winner gets a new DSLR. If I win, I hope to trade it for a new lens for my current DSLR. I have set up a set on Flickr with what I feel to be my best work. Please go to it, and tell me what you think is my best picture. I don't have much time as the contest ends on Friday.
Thank you.


Chastity Gomez said...

My favorite is the one of Aidan with his train- its awesome!!!Good luck and I hope you win!

Matt and Emily Sealy said...

Ooo.. that is a hard decision. It is a toss-up for the one with Aidan and the train and the close up of Sonya wearing the stripped hoodie on her head. A close second is Addie with the feather. Those are my favorites.

Matt and Emily Sealy said...

I like the close up of Aidan's eyes, Sonya and the stripped hoodie, and Addie leaning against the railing. All of them look great and I hope you win.

Mom Doan said...

I think the one with showing just Aidan and those beautiful brown eyes or Sonya and the hoodie are the best. I think that you are a great photographer and I hope that you win.

Dad Doan said...

I like the close-up color one of Aidan's big eyes, and the color one of Sonya peeking sideways thru the chair slats.

Randypants said...