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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My photography

There are many web-based incarnations of my photography. As many people may not be aware of many of them, I am providing the following list.

Picasa Web Albums. On this album I place my more family-oriented material. Mainly you will find here pictures of the kids and wife and such. The slide shows that I embed on this blog come from the PWA.

Flickr. I place my more artistic endeavors on this site. Here you will find some of the pictures on the aforementioned site. You will also find many pictures not on the aforementioned site. Here is where I really attempt to express myself photographically.

aspirations. This is my photoblog. Most of the pictures here are on my Flickr account. Yet, it is a somewhat different format, so it is a somewhat different experience.

That concludes the list of the Jeremy Doan photography experience. Please check these sites every week, as I do my best to update suchly. If you are a skilled RSS feed-er, please subscribe to each RSS feed. If you don't know what an RSS feed is, you can read about it here, or you can just ignore them and check each site whenever.

Thank you.
That is all.

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