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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amanda's Graduation

Pictures from our trip to Florida for Amanda's pining and graduation. More will follow in the near future.

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Jess said...

Congratulations to your sister Amanda. What a feat! Stephanie's Radiology pinning is this Friday and we are all very excited (probably more so Steph). She's bummed because the TCCS Graduation is this Friday at the same time as her pinning so the people she would love to be there have to be at the graduation. Well at least her family will be there haha.

The photos were great! I especially loved the shot of Jenny holding all the shoes. I thought "You can always find the mom... holding all the stuff for everyone!" Florida looks great! We just opened our pool today and I'm super excited to get into it. I almost lost an arm today though, when we had to take the plugs out of the jets. The water was ice cold. We're shooting for Saturday for it to be operational and warm enough. Saturday is our "party day" with combined graduation and birthday parties for Steph and my boyfriend Bryant's graduation and my 21st birthday. Yay.

Congratulations again to Amanda and I hope all is well with the Doan fam!