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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Neverannual Infopost

Many times photos quotes videos nonsense notoften biographical information onthisblog so to change I am inserting a post that uptodates everyone that mightcare what is happening in the householdofmine
Jenni we start is working fulltime is working 8to5 is working as a hospicenurse doeslike what she is doing is in the midst of switchingcompanies currentcompany has seriousmanagementproblems does not want to be near when the youknowwhat hits the youknowwhat is an excellentmotherwife is being everythingandmore for the family
The kids next are healthy are growing like Spanish Randymoss are a handful Aidan is five is learning is startingschool in the fall is beginning to learntoread is very inquisitive questionfull Addie is nearly4 birthday in April is growing is very pickyeating weighs lessthan my tongue is not as inquisitiveasAidan is neversitstill my sweetlittleprincess Sonya is 2inApril is strongwilled is learning to speakmore is learning to hearless is getsintoeverythingthatisnothertoy mysweetlittleprincess dont cry over spilled milk dont cry over spilled milk all get veryhyper frequentlyspill milk water juice are handsfull
Simon is our dog getawayfromthere leaverhermimalone donteatthat is a boxer is 6monthsold maybe7 is housetrained pukes inthehouse occassionally is reallygood with the kids knocksthemover is big compared doesnt like Jenni asmuchas me
Asforme in conclusion am doingwell am a dad stayingathome cooking cleaning wiping folding washing bathing napping playing parking buying storing yelling tearing crying hugging loving am doing some tutoring twostudents am doing some officiating recreational league basketball flagfootball am looking for a school in the fall am interviewing hoping with one particular school am reading Swift Sterne Tolstoy Joyce Homer am watching Hawks Bergman Tarkovsky Kazan Coens Mangold am teaching SundaySchool at my church am enjoying it all really like our church good teaching elders people friends Biblestudies am holding together

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