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Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Movie

I do not like most "Romantic" movies. Normally, they are overly sentimental, needlessly melodramatic, and entirely unrealistic. I do enjoy movies that have strong characters and a legitimate romantic theme. Casablanca is the best example of this. More recently, Away From Her"is another good example. Though it deals primarily with Alzheimers, it is a love story at heart, and a very tender one at that. Most people would watch that type of movie for V-Day anyway.
I very good and touching "romantic" movie for V-Day is Once. It is a musical about a busker (street musician) in Dublin that meets a girl, who also happens to be a musician. The guy, named "guy," has just recently broken up with girlfriend. The girl, named "girl," is trying to leave her husband, who doesn't treat her very nicely. They form a friendship around their love for music. The story does not progress like most romantic movies. It moves along very naturally. I kind of expected it to end the way it did, but it was still satisfying.
The real treat of the movie was the music. This is not a huge musical with fancy numbers. The music comes directly from the plot. Since the characters are musicians, it fits nicely. The actors are actual musicians in real-life. They wrote and performed all the songs themselves. They are very good, and have wonderful chemistry when they sing.
This movie is truly a delight. I very much enjoyed it. I would recommend to anyone, even to those who are wont to avoid my recommendations. I can think of no other movie that it is like. You should just watch.
Here is one of the songs from the movie. It is nominated for an Oscar. It is sung by the two actors/musicians. I like this song:

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