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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Dog.

The new addition to our family is here. He is a dog--a boxer, to be exact. His name is Simon (get it?). Simon was the first choice for a name. We considered the following names (in no particular order)--Abe, Attila, Armen, Andy, Beau, Buck, Biff, Babe, Carl, Crock, Coal, Dude, Duke, Dan, Doug, Demetri, Ethan, Eagle, Engleberg, Father, Frisco, Gaul, Goul, Glen, Gook, Gerrick, Happy, Hoss, Huge, Harry, Hugh, Isaiah, Issac, Ishmael, Iggy, Ice, Indiana, Juno, Jones, Jago, June, Kip, Kyle, Kreel, Lamb, Louis, Longfort, Larry, Maid, Mail, Moby, Milo, Newman, Nigel, New, Nope, Ozzie, Oog, Oslo, Omar, Pan, Pope, Peter, Pablo, Pig, Pisgah, Quail, Quin, Quilt, Osis, Ridley, Romo, Rico, Riza, Rube, Ryan, Soggy, Simple, Small, Suez, Saul, Sigfried, Toto, Tatar, Tutsi, Tiger, Ug, Uranis, Ur, Ump, Vishnu, Viva, Volvo, Vip, Wally, Woody, Wilt, Weal, Weasle, Wooki, Wombay, Xeno, Xula, Yeller, Yak, Yooho, Yolk, Zebra, Zed, Zeus, Zidane, and Zappy. Simon seemed to fit the best. He seems to like us. He seems to like our house. Thus far, he has pooped on the floor thrice, and peed on the floor fifce. He is a neat dog. We are going to have great times together. The kids seem to like him.


Jess said...

A BOXER IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT FOR A DOG!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe you got one!!! ahhhh soooo cute!!! My Boxer is going to be tan and black :)

just adorable!! congratulations!

Chastity said...

Congrats o the new addition to your family! We can't wait to meet him!