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Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have listened to very little music of J.S. Bach. I would like to listen to more. He is unarguably one of the greatest composers. He is probably the greatest Christian composer. His work, what little I have heard, is quite sublime. Listening to it can be a throughly religious experience (I mean that in an entirely good way).
Glen Gould is one of the 20th century's best pianists. He is one of the better interpreters of Bach's music. He is famous for playing Bach's "Goldberg Variations" (which, contra YouTube, has nothing to do with Pro Wresting). Following is a clip of Gould playing the first seven variations. Do yourself a favor and give yourself over to the music for 10 minutes. It is divine.
(Note: Gould is as eccentric and idiosyncratic as an artist could be. He hums along to the music. He constantly sways. He sits with very unorthodox posture. Give him a chance, if you haven't already.)

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Randypants said...

Wow! That was exquisite! Even if Gould was 'uniquely' behind the piano. I probably play more like that (sitting weirdly, not with virtuoso abilities) than I'd like to admit. Well worth the time spent!