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Friday, June 01, 2007

O Canada.

My dear little sister and her deer husband have just moved to Canada. Matt (my brother-in-law) will be pastoring a church in New Brunswick. Emily (my sister), who is going with him, remarked in a recent e-mail that life is much different in O Canada. She must needs adapt.
First of all, she doesn't know how to play hockey. Being of small stature, it is a difficult game for her. She has never even skated before, to my knowledge. Since a rousing game precedes each night's night cap, she will have to learn.
For Emily, the conversion factor is quite the impediment to daily functionality. She has to convert everything. When she sets up their weekly budget, she has to complete it first in American dollars, then convert to Canadian dollars, which are more colorful. When she goes to the store (and by "the store" I mean "the only store in New Brunswick"), she has convert all the measurements in to American measurements, while simultaneously converting the price to American dollars so she knows how much to buy and how much to pay (she didn't do this once and ending up buying 15 pounds of beaver tails for $200 American). After all of this she has to convert everything back into Canadian values when she gets to "the" register. It is very confusing and consuming. The average trip to the store takes two days, not including travel time (which can take three days, depending on the moose forecast).
Speaking of moose, Emily has never even shot a gun before, much less shot a living animal. Each day, after cleaning the well, churning the butter, and feeding the sled-dogs, she has to shoot the moose. Fortunately, she doesn't have any ethical issues with shooting the moose. She needs to shoot the moose anytime after 5 pm (metric time), as long as it is before sundown, which takes place every other Tuesday.
Emily is a rugged individual. She has overcome much in her rich, yet short, history (namely, two oppressive older brothers, and an annoying little sister). She has been through many fires. She will be able to handle the road before her.
That is all.

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