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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Music Video Mayhem

I have complied a list of the best music videos ever. I don't watch many music videos. In truth, these are some of the only ones I have ever seen. Nonetheless, they are mostly enjoyable. They are the best in their respective categories.

Best Use of a Former Beattle--Paul McCartney, "Dance Tonight"
WARNING: This song has an extremely contagious melody. Do not click play unless you wish to have the melody stuck in your head all day.

Best Use of a Academy Award winning Actor--Fat Boy Slim, "Weapon of Choice"

Best Use of a Time Travel Machine--Weezer, "Buddy Holly" (Note: Weezer is a modern group)

Best Use of Mobile Phones--Jars of Clay, "Dead Man"

Best Use of a Horse and Buggy--Wierd Al, "Amish Paradise"

Honorable Mentions go to three groups for the Best Use of an Unattainable Dream:
Terra Naomi, "Say It's Possible"--the message is a bit silly, but she has an enchanting voice.

John Lennon, "Imagine"--This is a beautiful, stupid song. What makes the video is Yoko's expressionless expression.

U2 and Green Day, "The Saints are Coming"--I laugh at their sincerity.

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