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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The snobberization of Jeremy

Hello. My name is Jeremy, and I am a coffee snob.
Like everyone, I began drinking coffee on a strictly casual basis. I didn't care where it came from; I just cared that it was coffee. Soon, though, I started drinking only name-brand coffee, whether it be Starbuks, or Seattles' Best, or Caribu. Before I new it, I would only drink coffee that came from freshly ground beans.
All these changes happened rather slowly. I couldn't see how much I was changing. I couldn't see how far up my nose had grown. By the time I noticed things had changed, the snowball was too large.
This past month, an acquaintance (I will leave April out of this) bought me a coffee-roaster. Now I can buy raw beans, and roast them myself. This is the pure Vodka of the coffee world. The fancy freshly ground Starbuks that, at one point, fancied my buds, now frightens them. What once tasted like sweet nectar now tastes like Yak bile. I have completely gone over the edge. With the Rubicon behind me, I have no choice but to continue down this one-way path to Juan's living room.
I am a coffee snob.

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