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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sonya's Birthday

There are two little princesses (actually, princi) in my life. One of them turns 1 year old today. She is absolutely lovely, even if Dadda forgets to wipe her face every so often. She received some really nice presents, and judging by how much her big brother and sister love them, she is really going to love them in few years. She is almost ready to walk completely on her own. Within months I expect her to be as much of an electron as her bigger sister. She can speak a couple of words, but only when she wants to, and never when Momma or Dadda want her to. Her smile, with her four teeth, is irristible. A child's cutality increases exponentially with each tooth, for some reason. At this rate, she is going to be causing wars by the time she gets all of them. On numerous occassions I will go into the girls' room at night to tell them to be quiet and go to sleep. Normally, Sonya looks at me and gives me a Hellenic smile. At that point, I would buy her Nebraska if she asked me. She is my little baby girl. I love her endlessly. She is my Dulcinea.

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