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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Movies you should see.

This past weekend I watched the movie Dear Frankie. It is a couple of years old. It is a small film that wasn't very well known. It is a very good movie. I suggest that you rent and watch it this weekend . It is not your typical Hollywood overly-formulated, overly-sentimental, overly-banal dredge. It is a very sweet, touching, and simple story. It is not depressing, though it could bring tears to your eyes. You ought to see it.
The movie is about a deaf boy named Frankie and his mom. The dad is not in the picture. The mom had told the boy that his father was a sailor on a ship. The boy writes letters to his father. The mom receives them and answers the letters. One day, the boy learns his father's ship is coming to the port where they live. The mother decides to hire a man to play the father for a day.
This seems like a fairly cheesy premise, but, I assure you, it isn't. It is a very heart-warming story. It is funny at times. It is enduring at times. There is not the hint of manipulation or falsity in it. All the actors are very good, especially the little boy. He is able to convey so much without every speaking a line. The story never feels contrived. It is very perceptive about people and relationships. Whether you are a mother, or a father, or a son, or a daughter, you will find something personal in this film.
The story takes place in Ireland, so the strong accents are difficult to follow at first. It is well worth the effort. Rent this film this weekend. It is good.
That is all.

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