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Friday, April 06, 2007

Kids these days

Some people, I don't know who, but they know who they are, might be wondering what my kids are doing these days. If they were to ask me, which they haven't, I would tell them, if I could, that my kids are doing all sorts of crazy things. They are generally being kids, and doing things that generally kids do. So if you know what kids generally do, you have a general idea of what my kids are doing.
He is a savant. He is only 4, yet he knows all the letters in the alphabet, and he can count up to 30. You may not find this unusual, but I work with 4th graders that can't do those things. We have a box full of letters meant for crafty projects. Aidan loves playing with them. He likes spelling out words that he sees with the letters. As far as I can see (I am usually wrong about everything), he does not know what words he is spelling. He simply matches the letters he sees, whether it be from one of his games, or from a refrigerator magnet, or from a cereal box. I tell you, at this rate, he will surpass Stephen King's ability in about 3 years. He is a smart, sweet kid.
What can I say about my little blond ball of mischief? She is an adventure that would scare away Aeneas. She doesn't seem to be as interested in letters and numbers as Aidan. She seems more adept at manipulation. Somehow, daddy always gets her what she wants. She is well on the road to being completely house-broken. The other day, she was going "poopey" (those who are not parents of 2-year-olds will have to excuse the technical language). I went into the bathroom to check on her. There was water all over the bathroom. She looked at me and said she had washed her hands. I thought to myself, "That is strange. She cannot reach the faucet." At this point I warily looked into the toilet, which conspicuously had little water in it. Somehow, the neglectful parents that we are, we had forgotten to teach her to not wash her hands in the toilet. Memo to parents: teach your children that only items that go in the toilet are wee-wee and woo-woo. Thankfully, I did not see any fecal matter on the floor. She does know to flush the commode.
If anyone knows where we could buy an inexpensive tiara, Sonya needs one. She is not yet one year old, and she thinks she is queen of the house. She is as smart as Aidan, and as manipulative as Addie. The combination makes here more volatile and demanding than the entire British royal family. She is extremely mobile. She can travel from any point on our lower floor to any other point in less than 10 seconds. She now knows how to climb the stairs. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to de-climb the stairs, making her the subject of constant scrutiny. We have decided to forgo buying a vacuum, as she picks up and eats all food and non-food particles on the floor. I will not tell you what she ate at my parents house when my brother and his wife brought their dogs over. Speaking of poop, I am surprised we don't see more lint in Sonya's.
These kids are treasures, and I treasure the time I spend with them. We are blessed to have such delightful kids. I have some more great pictures that I will be posting shortly.
That is all.

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