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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How to be mean.

Scene: An average day at an average school.

1st period
Student: Mr. Teacher, can I shoot Nathan with a BB gun?
Mr. Teacher: No.
Student: Good grief! You don't let us do anything.
Student picks up computer and throws it on the ground.
Mr. Teacher: Student, what are you doing? I am taking you to the office right now.
Student: What? You never said nothing about not throwing computers on the floor. You never let us do anything.

2nd period
Student: Mr. Teacher, can you tell me the answer to question 5 on the test.
Mr. Teacher: No.
Student: Can you give me a hint?
Mr. Teacher: No.
Student: Unrelated question, what is the capital of New York?
Mr. Teacher: I can't tell you that right now.
Student: I thought teachers were supposed to help students. Do you want me to fail?

3rd period
Student: Can I listen to my iPod.
Mr. Teacher: No.
Student: Can I play my PSP?
Mr. Teacher: No.
Student: Man, school is so freaking boring.
Mr. Teacher: Life if boring. School prepares you.

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