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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Winter Jam

This past Sunday, my wife and I went to Winter Jam, a multi-artist Christian concert. It was a great time. The featured artists were Newsong, Hawk Nelson, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Jeremy Camp. There were some other, lesser known groups there as well. We had a really good time. I didn't care for all the music, but all of the artists were at least entertaining. I really enjoyed the last two. I even bought Camp's new CD, "Beyond Measure". It was only $7, cheaper than iTunes. It is really good. Chapman had his two teenage sons with him, who have a band of their own, The Following. They played a song, and it was really good.
This was my first true concert experience, and it was quite the experience. The arena was filled with around 7,000 people. This was a first class production, what with the premier sound equipment and cool lighting. We were not real close to the stage, but close enough. It is nice to go to a concert with music that is fun, and that has a Christian message to it. Not all of the message was very deep. It didn't need to be. It is good to relax and have fun at times. There was a speaker, Tony Nolan. He gave a clear salvation message, and many people raised their hands saying they had made a decision. I pray that many of these were life changing decisions.

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