Doan Courant

The semi-whenever newsletter for one of the many Doan Families.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Spring is here.
Now things change.
Raindrops replace snowflakes.
Cold winds give way to cool breezes.
Now things grow.
Leaves and flowers bud and blossom on naked and neeful branches.
I and my two girls celebrate birthdays--the girls, 1 and 3, I my third decade.
My son is getting older--he grows inches each day.
I wonder what type of man he will become.
I wonder if he will become a complete man--a godly man, an educated man, a family man.
Will he become all the things I wish I were?
Will he become all the things I wish I weren't?
Will he accomplish all the things God has for him?
I wonder if my son will alway be able to wonder.
Addie is a firecraker.
She is so small, but so is her world.
As she grows, so will her world.
What will she do in this giangitic world?
What will this gigantic world do to her?
Will she be safe?
Will she find her place?
Will the world find a place in her?
I pray that as much as she grows, the world will never grow in her.
Sweet, sweet Sonya.
This day I can sit and hold her fragile feet in my frail hands.
One day I with trembling heart will walk those feet down the aisle.
To what kind of man will I give those feet?
What kind of lady will I give that man?
I know God's grace will always be under those feet.
I hope those feet always rest on God's grace.

Bless these my blessings, O Lord.