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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring break

I am currently on spring break. It has been a nice time. I have not, and will not, done anything special (unless you consider sleeping until 8 special). I have primarily stayed at our new house doing some unpacking. This is much fun. The only thing more fun than unpacking is packing, and the only thing more fun than packing is corn removal. It is nice to walk around our spacious house and not see boxes everywhere. It is nice for everything to have a place. This house has plenty of places for everything.
I have had a couple of job interviews. I will not be returning to my current school. It has not worked out. All the schools that have shown any interest in me are rather far from my house, an average of 25-30 miles across traffic-infected Denver. That is fine by my, though. I look forward to getting back into a classroom and actually attempting to teach some kids a lesson.
One of the exciting aspects of spring break is all the time I can spend with my kids. Jenni is working a couple extras days since I am home, so I get to do much with the little ones. The most exciting aspect of being with the kids is dressing them each morning. The most exciting aspect of dressing the kids is finding socks for them. My girls have no less than 40 socks, and none of them seem to have a partner (please don't think I am exaggerating). I would sooner find Cibola than I would a matching pair of socks. They have 5 pink socks, 4 blue socks, 4 green socks, 9 white socks, and 3 purple socks. None of the match. I should say, none of them are pairs. Some of them match but are not a pair. This bothers me. Socks are made to be a pair. You can't go mix-matching socks like its Woodstock. This endless search for a pair of socks (I can't even imagine looking for two pairs--the girls will just have to share) leaves me rather perturbed. I will overcome.
That is all.

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