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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Maryland defeats Duke

I might have expected it, but I could never have accepted it. There are over 330 teams in the NCAA Division 1. I don't mind if any of them beat Duke, except Maryland (and possibly Prairie View, because they really stink). I can even tolerate UNC beating Duke, for I do not mind Roy Williams all that much.
However, I really don't like Maryland, and I really don't like it when they beat Duke, which has happened often recently. I really don't like anything about the team. I dislike their team colors. I think their uniforms with their stupid whatever borders are stupid and annoying. I think the turtle is a ridiculous mascot. I do not like Gary Williams at all. I have no good reason for this. He is a good coach. I simply do not like him. I do not like, nor have I ever liked, any player that has played basketball for Maryland, whether it be Len Bias, or Juan Dixon, or Steve Blake (especially Steve Blake), or, currently, D.J. Strawberry or Mike Jones. I do not like the fans. The fans at Maryland have been some of the cruelest in the ACC in recent memory (You may remember they are the ones who, in a nationally televised game, chanted a vulgar statement at J.J. Redick). I do not like the Maryland Terrapins, and I do not like it when they defeat Duke.

On another note, my current favorite Duke player is David McClure. He is not a superstar, but he is a scrapper. He is the type of guy you can count on to do the "dirty work". He will fight for the important rebounds. He will dive on the floor for the critical loose ball. He is a tremendous role player that will even knock down a shot at the key time. He does what his team needs him to do. He can make a big difference in key times in key games. Look for him.

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