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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maryland vs. Duke

The University of Maryland Terrapins play the Duke University Blue Devils tonight at 9 PM est at Cameron Indoor Arena. This is the final home game for Duke this season, which means it is senior night. The only senior on the team is Joe Pagliuca, a guy who gets very little playing time. It is players like this, ones who seldom play in games, that tend to work very hard in practice to make the team better. Guys like this are usually very well respected by their teammates. Duke has only one Junior on the team, DeMarcus Nelson. With the experience the sophomores on this team are gaining, and the sound recruiting class coming in next year, including Kyle Singer (SF) and Nolan Smith (SG), ranked 1 and 3 at their positions respectively, they should be a pretty good team next year. I have already posted on how well I think they will do this post-season (In that post I said they could finish 9-8 in the ACC. I didn't realize one of those games would be against a non-conference opponent, namely St. Johns).
The game tonight doesn't have many post-season implications. Both teams are 8-6. They are essentially fighting for the 5th spot in the ACC. It would be really nice, though, for Duke to win. I doubt they will defeat UNC on Saturday. With a win tonight, they could finish 9-7 in the ACC, which is much better than 8-8. Maryland has shown a propensity for beating Duke at Cameron, though. We shall see what happens.

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