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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear TC Students, Vol 16:

Congratulations students on your Valentines Day Snow Day. I am sure many of you were looking forward to distributing your Valentines Day cards to you many sweethearts and friends. I hope you will believe me when I say they still count even if you give them out the day after Valentines Day. For those of you who have no friends or sweethearts, I hope that you have taken advantage of the opportunity to give people candy in the hopes that they will become your friend or sweetheart. After all, isn't Valentines Day the day when we bribe people into loving us?
Congratulations Lady Eagles on your spectacular season. You were three points away from having another perfect season. I really wish I could be there for this weekend's tournament, but, alas, finances and obligations keep me away. I exhort you ladies to go into the tournament with the mindset that you have yet to win anything. You have to get out on the floor, hustle from whistle to whistle, and earn whatever it is that you get. I would love to hear that you won your games. Even more, I would love to hear that you played with heart and dedication, and that you brought glory to your God, and honor to your school. Nothing is worth more than the effort we put into gaining it. I hope you put much effort into each second of every game you play.
Congratulations Man Eagles on your season. I hope you value each game, whether a win or a loss, for the effort you put into it, and the experience you gain from it. All of us, including me, want immediate results. Like I said before, the value of achieving is in direct proportion to the dedication of striving. It is really fun to win games. It is really nice to have a winning season. It is even better to have to work, and strive, and fail, and retry, and sweat, and hurt, and fight to achieve those victories. If you continually work diligently without giving up, I can almost guarantee that God will bless you. When you start winning more than you have, you will find that it is so much more delightful, for you have worked so hard for it.
That is all.

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Sean said...

I, for one, don't care about Valentine's Day in the least. I'd have no problem if February 14 were removed from the calendar entirely.

P.S. Did you just pick a random anime title, or is Ghost in the Shell the only one you know of?