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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On football

David Letterman says that Bill Belichick "for one reason or another, dresses like a sherpa."
I am amazed that the Saints lost. They had Drew Brees as their quaterback. Drew Brees had statistically the best season ever for a quaterback who moved to another team in another conference after suffering a shoulder injury in a playoff game at the end of the previous season. And no such quaterback had ever lost the NFC Championship game. They should have had a lock on the game.
I am glad that two good coaches, Tony Dungy (a Christian) and Lubby Smith, are taking their teams to the Super Bowl. I could care less that they are African-American. What difference does it make? How is this a significant event? We are so far from where MLK dreamed that we would one day be. Why do so many people, primarily civil rights people, have to continually make ethnicity an issue? Why do so many people have to point out that Dungy and Smith are black? It seems so silly to me. Why can't we all just get along?
That is all.

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