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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dear TC Students, Vol 15:

Congratulations on receiving an extension to your "You-are-allowed-to-wear-Patriots-paraphernalia" Week. I knew that the Patriots would win, even though I can't stand them. They have no class whatsoever.
I started work at my new school last week, hence the disruption in posting. It will take some acclamation. I spend most of each work day overseeing the computer labs. Some of the students do most of their work on the computer through a State-sponsored On-line education. I get to reprimand the students for not working, which they do often. I also get to assign them work packets to do. I am working solely with upper elementary and junior high age children. And trust me, they are all very much children. It is , for lack of a better word, exciting. It makes me wonder why I did not study elementary education. Then it gives me encouragement as I remember that I am not clinically insane. There is a fine line between working with students this age and working with primates. Thankfully, for me, there is less poop throwing.
I am also teaching some electives. I "teach" Rocketry and Health and Conditioning, all these to classes made up of junior high guys, or jhgs. It doesn't really what the subject is. Teaching junior high guys anything is like trying to inflate a bowling ball. I would have more luck teaching a box of Cheerios (Honey Nut). These kids, like all kids their age not born in Singapore, have the attention span of a gnat. My only hope is to schedule a dentist appointment at the end of each school day as a means of relaxation.
Sonya has started crawling, which also means she has started putting all sorts of unimaginable items into her mouth. We set her on the floor with no less than 14 toys around her, and she immediately sets out for the dust bunnies and week old fruit bar pieces under our coach. I don't get her. I understand the merits of an occasional dust bunny, but I think I would chose the colorful squeaky toy. Aidan and Addie love entertaining her. Unfortunately, their idea of entertainment consists mostly of screaming, so this causes much frustration to Jenni and myself. Pretty soon, my kids will all be trained to sit quietly reading Shakespeare or Plato as a means of entertainment.
That is all.

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Sean said...

You're just saying that because you're a Broncos fan...