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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Last night I rented The Da Vinci Code, an exciting Ron Howard thriller starring Tom "Mullet" Hanks and based on the best selling novel by Dan Brown, which I have not read. As might be expected, the movie has high production values. Ron Howard knows how to make a slick film. It was exceptional, but it was good. It was somewhat formulaic. I didn't guess all of the twists and turns, but none of them caught me totally off guard. The acting was sufficient. Most people will like Ian "You-know-him-as-Gandolf-the-Grey" McKellen, because he talks with a cool English accent. That makes him a "good" actor, even if he wasn't a good actor. This wasn't close to Hanks' best performance. I'd rate this slightly lower than Joe Versus the Volcano. Audry "Way-more-attractive-than-any-police-officer-I-have-seen-even-if-she-is-Frenchish" Tautou is was too attractive to be playing a police whatever.
The main point of the movie, and of the book, which I have not read, is, of course, the whole Jesus-was-married controversy. I am sure the book, which I have not read, gives much more detail to Dan Brown's theory. I can only answer to the theories posited in the movie. It appears to me that the greatest support for the theory that believers in the theory have is that, if the theory is true, the church would try to cover it up and hide all the evidence. Since we have no evidence, it follows that the Church must have covered it up. Therefore, the theory is true. This non-sequitor is profoundly insufficient. I cannot see why it seems so many people are afraid of this theory. I know that there are books that disprove much of the alleged evidence for this theory. I don't need to disprove this theory. My faith is not based on the falsity of other ideas. Anyone can come up with a theory and give evidence to support it. Just because people believe an idea doesn't make it true. What is true is true in itself. A true idea is not true because other ideas are false. I don't have to disprove every crazy theory out there. I simply have to have confidence in what I believe. I know I am getting into all kinds of philosophical questions here. What does it mean to believe? What is the difference between faith and knowledge? Where does knowledge come from? What is truth? All that is for another time. For now, let me state that Dan Brown can say whatever he wants to. I know the truth, and it shall set me free.

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