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Thursday, December 28, 2006

(After) Christmas Card

Merry Christmas one and all. We hope you all had a grand time with your family and friends. We had a fundalicious Christmas. We spent it with my family at my parents house. There was quite the gaggle of us. All had fun. All received very nice gifts. Our family, the past few Christmases, have drawn names for the gift exchange. This saves us money, as we don't have to buy for 15 people. Our (my wife and myself) philosophy is to spend what we would have on everyone for just the two people the two of us pick. It does save us time, which, they say, is money. I didn't do too well, however. I bought my bother-in-law a Tiger Woods computer game and a golf glove, as he is a tennis-lover. Unfortunately, he already has the game and he is left-handed (my sister was loads of help on this). I decided to not venture into the post-apocalypse territory of the after-Christmas Target to exchange this gifts, as there is a good chance I would not make it out with fully-functioning limbs. I am going to buy him some more gifts, and return the other ones some time after Labor Day.
One of the most exciting events of our stay was the taking of family photos. As many of you may well know, we have three kids all under the age of five. Attempting to take a decent photograph of said company is like attempting to take a photograph of Brad-gelina and company. It frankly would be easier to take a photograph of the Hapsburg's. Amazingly, we were successful (with our family, not the Hapsburg's). I think they turned out well, even though the kids were all looking at whoever was making them smile and not the camera. God has blessed me with a delightful family, and a nice sweater.

Addie was the least cooperative one. I don't believe she ever looked at the camera. I was able to snap a picture of all my kids with their hands in their mouths. This was amazing, as my kids rarely (meaning less than 3 times an hour) put their hands in the mouths.

The finale of the Doan Christams was the entire family photo. This was an event of earth-shattering significance. As all of kids are grown and get together only once every two years or so (that is the most difficult phrase I have ever written), this is an event that can only take place every two years of so. It is about as rare as Romanian shower-time. There were a total of 2 grandparents, 9 moms/wives and dads/husbands, 15 children, 1 single gal, and 6 grandchildren at this event (4 of whom were under 1 year of age). Do the math, and you will find out there are roughly 952 pairs of chromosones represented in said photograph. It took intricate planning and infaliable timing, but we pulled it off. Here is the finished product.

We were not able to find matching lederhosen, so we went with the impromptu sweater leitmotif. I think we look totally cool.
That is all.
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