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Monday, October 16, 2006


Autumn is here. A few remaining colorful leaves cling gingerly onto the branches. Soon, they will glide to earth to join their companions. They will have served their purpose. They have absorbed the sun's rays so that their branch might be strong. They have spent their time on earth declaring God's splendor. What a life a leaf has! Such a simple purpose, yet how wonderful is their majesty. They exist to serve and to declare. When their time is done, they fall willingly, gracefully, back into the earth so that next year's leaves may have nourishment to grow. A leaf can gain only for itself when it gains for that from which it proceeds. The power of a tree is in its trunk, the beauty in its leaves. My kids and myself went to park. They love throwing whatever they can find in the water. Today, they threw leaves.
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