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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dear Twin City Students, Vol. 5:

In just a few short days (2 to be exact) you will be participating in the Annual Twin City Christian School Walk-a-thon. I trust that everyone has been working very hard, asking their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, neighbors, pastors, teachers, and friends to sponsor them. At least, I hope you have. Seniors, show a little love to the school that has showed you much love and raise some money. Juniors, show the rest of the high school how it is done, and raise at least $100 a piece. Sophomores, don't be enticed by the upper grades to slack off and be lazy. Raise some dough! Freshman, you are in high school now, but raise funds as though you were in junior high still. I can imagine you guys think there is no point because you never see the results of your fundraising. I say, "Phoey!" Maybe you never see the results because you never raise enough money. Can you imagine what Mr. Arnold would do if the school raised $50k in one WAT? If you want to see your principal dance an Irish jig, then raise a boatload of money. Unless you are doing over and above what you should be doing to help the school, the keep your rattling mouth closed and be content. If you want to see various aspects of the Twin City campus improved, then raise money like it is in style.
Stay focused and keep your heads up.
That is all.


Anonymous said...

What if we don't want to see our principal (or any other teacher, for that matter) dance an Irish jig???

Anonymous said...

the guy in one of the pictures with aidan and the train looks like someone from PCC. is that jenni's brother/did he not go back?