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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dear TC Students, Vol. 7:

The last leaf had not fallen when the first snowflake did. I wonder what they said to one another?
"Hey snowflake."
"Hey leaf."
"What's up?"
"Not me any more. You hang around here often?"
At any rate, we were surprised to see snow falling yesterday. In the morning, we saw only flurries. Yet in the afternoon on into the evening, we saw full-blown snowflakes--they were as big as Frosted Flakes. It was lovely. There are few instances in nature more peaceful than a snowfall. I am no Willard Scott, but I would say we received at least 500 mm of snow. Crazy.
Some of you are familiar with "The Far Side" cartoon, as I have spoken of them in school. If you have never heard of them, then it is good to have you back from the Paleolithic Era. Last Christmas I received the complete collection--a two volume set that weighs nearly twenty pounds, and cost over 100 pounds. It is really nice. I had thought I had seen every single one, but I discovered the falsity of this claim as I discovered some I had not seen. One cartoon really struck me. A guy who has a palm tree growing out of his head is sitting in bed with coconuts around him. He says to his wife next to him, "Honey! There are coconuts in the bed again!" I laughed, but I also thought. Are there times in our life when we see things occurring around us, maybe strange or unexpected things, and fail to see that we are the cause of them? We like to take credit for the good things, but pass the blame on the not so good things. That may be the funniest of all.
Make sure you guys and gals finish out the soccer and volleyball seasons well. Only a few more games and then the tournament. We have two state championship trophies to retain. Good luck.
Keep your heads up.
That is all.

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