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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dear TC Students, Vol. 6:

Happy Columbus Day.
I hope you had a great holiday. I had a decent one. We celebrated by tracking down some IAP's and kicking them out of their house. It was fun.
The pictures of the Walk-A-Thon were great. I consider myself very fortunate to have seen several pictures of several seniors at the WAT. That is comparable to possessing a clear photo of Yeti. I have no doubt that all of you completed your 10 miles, and did so in record time. I also have no doubt the Pastor Chris burned most of your hamburgers (At least I had the decency to undercook them).
You are nearing the end of the first quarter/marking period. That means those of you who have not done any homework might want to consider the possibility of the preparing to do one or two assignments. Time is short.
From the photos of WAT it would seem that the weather has turned cooler. That means you can start storing the extra meat for lunches in the classrooms. You guys don't know how convenient and cost-effective that is. Be thankful it doesn't get so warm that the meat goes bad. That would really be bad.
By the way, did you know that the Broncos played the Patriots a few weeks back, and that the Broncos won? And did you know that the game took place in the fabled Gillette Stadium? If you didn't already know, now you know. And did you know that the Red Sox are not in the playoffs? Just keeping you informed.
That is all.

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Sean said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Broncos won. Nobody cares. Except teachers, but since it's titled "Dear TC Students," that's irrelevant...