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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dear Twin Students, Vol. 4:

You can choose your sin, but you cannot chose your consequences.
I heard that countless times at a youth camp countless years ago, and I have seen it demonstrated countless times since. I see it demonstrated each day at work. So many of the kids with whom I work make "mistakes" and want to decide what happens because of those "mistakes." They do what they want to do, and then they get angry when they do not obtained what they wanted to obtain. We humans so desperately want to be able to choose both our sin and our consequences. We want to decide on the results of our mistakes, the repercussions of our errors. Fortunately, we do not have that power. What kind of world would this be if we could decide on what happened when we make a mistake? I can tell you we would be in a world of trouble. We should be glad that the disposing of our propositions is in Another's hands. We must never forget that the only aspect of this universe we can control is our will, and nothing can control our will but ourselves.
It seems as though the Soccer and Volleyball teams are doing well. I look forward to soon hearing the results of the state tournaments. I also see that all of you are doing well with your grades. Keep up the good work. In a few short months you could be having more snow days than you can handle. What do I say? You folks can handle an endless supply of snow days. I hope you all are not too cold in the classrooms. Please be sure to tell your teacher every half-hour that it is cold. They tend to forget. The guys at my work are happy to remind me. On Saturday, we ran 3 miles in raining 40 degree whether. In the afternoon, we sat outside at a football game for two hours where the wind-blown temperature was about 50 something. Every guy was kind enough to remind me that it was cold every 15 minutes. When you get older, your brain cells freeze and your skin cells heat up. They need you to inform them when it is cold.
Keep your heads up.
That is all.

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Anonymous said...

hey mr. doan,
jess gave me the link to your blog. definitely very funny reading. i have missed the craziness of your history class for a long time. it sounds like you and your family are doing really well in colorado. i am at maranatha this semester and i love it. i met a pretty cool girl from colorado so i may eventually be out there to visit.