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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All had fun

Last Friday, Jenni and the kids, and Grandpa and Grandma, and Aunt April, and Uncle Bill and Aunt Jamie, and Cousin William all went to see the full-sized Thomas the Tank Engine (I could not go as I was at work.). Though the day was cold, the sky was overcast, and the wind was blistery, all had fun. Aidan still loves trains as much as anything else. I imagine this is a day he will remember for weeks to come (I am not sure how long he remembers events, though he still tells me that we were in an accident because daddy didn't stop at a red light.). I really wish I could have gone, but, alas, there was bacon to be brought home. This is somewhat what the day looked like.

Everyone here is doing well, though many of us are starting to get sick. Sonya is rolling around like a snake on hot coals. She likes to roll from her back to her stomach back to her back and then back to her stomach at which point she bumps into something and starts crying, or she spits up and then rolls in that for a while. We are working with her coordination and accident-avoidance skills, but, frankly, she is progressing very slowly. Addie is a bundle of energy. She has become accustomed to me playing rough with her, tickling her and throwing her up in the air and what not. Now, she will run up to me and jump on me whether I am ready or not. This can get exciting at times. Aidan is very inquisitive. When we drive around town, he likes to point out all the cars that look like Grandpa's or Grandma's or ours. He is very good at it. He will also remind us that we are supposed to stop when the light is red. We are very thankful for this.
Jenni is working very hard. She has organized her schedule so that she can stay busy 16 hours a day, be it cleaning the house, cleaning the kids, entertaining the kids, preparing lunch, preparing dinner, completing her transciption work for the day, or watching "Judging Amy" three times a day. I really appreciate all the work she does.
Nothing else to report, except for one thing:
"Hey, there's Oscar's roommate. I wonder if he knows?"
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Andrew D. Doan said...

Good post. Did Thomas the Tank Engine actually move on a real set of tracks? The red light thing from Aiden is hilarious. Reminds me of Kip "helping" dad fix the toilet..."You're gonna break it!" What is the mysterious symbol at the end of your posts and how can I get one?