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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some pictures

I apologize for being dilatory in posting pictures. I have no excuse. None. Not even a fake one. I was wrong in not diligently, consistently posting pictures of our beloved family. However, I do now have any excuse. Our camera has malfunctioned and is no longer capable of taking pictures. The pictures you see here are some of the last ones we were able to take before our camera . . . passed away. All we can do now is rejoice that the camera had a long and productive life, doing what it was created to do. We bid our faithful friend, "Fare thee well, as you cross that great divide."
The kids love wearing sunglasses. They do so almost all the day.
Sonya doesn't yet like them, but she will.

There is a park near our house that has a train for kids to ride. As you might imagine, Aidan loves riding it, and watching it steam (though there is no steam) by.My parents, Grammy and Pappa, bought a little pool for the kids. They love playing in it. Addie likes playing near it, and taking the water out of it.
I have nothing new or noteworthy to report. Jenni and her sister April are trying to start their own business--a medical billing and transcriptioning firm. They are in the process of sending out a cartload of letters to local doctors. We are hoping to make our first million in 6 months. If that doesn't work we will give up.
The kids are going bigger and bigger every day, as Aidan would say. Addie has developed a propensity for injury. She either bumps into a table, or falls off the coach, or smashes her fingers in a door, or pinches her hand in her sunglasses, at least once every 35 minutes. She is our little bucket of poor luck. Aidan is trying to become a photocopy of me. If I wear sandals, he wants to wear sandals. If I wear tennis shoes, he wants to wear tennis shoes. If I change clothes, he needs to change clothes, If I walk within 2 feet of the door, he asks, "Where are you going,Dad?" Every time I step outside, even if it is simply to take the trash out, he is right there with me. He is my little man. Sonya has already wrapped her little fingers around me. Nearly every time I look at her, she gives me a big smile. She is utterly adorable. Right now, however, she is screaming because she wants me to hold her, I think. Jenni is out with her mom, so I am holding down the house.
Work has been fun. I am continuing to get the hang of everything. Almost every day I encounter a new situation. Rather, I should say almost every day the students figure out a new way to trick me. It is a fun game we play. I make them upset by not letting them do something, such as setting fire to the furniture, and they attempt to make me look like a cruel fiend who violates their rights. For those who aren't aware, a right is anything you want to do. I am continuing to get bulked up. In a few short weeks I should be able to bench press our multi-passenger vehicle.
Stay in contact.
That is all.

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