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Friday, June 09, 2006

Littered with boxes

Boxes are everywhere. Some are full; some are not. Most of our belongings are in these boxes. Much of our belongings are yet to be put into boxes. I yearn for the day in the near future when there will be no more boxes.
In just 3 days, Jenni and the kids will climb aboard a plane (which looks like a big Tylanol with lights on it) and set a course toward Denver. In a mere week, my father and brother will join me for a delightful trek across the American midwest with our bearings set on Denver. In a paltry week, we will be leaving New England. I am anxious, looking forward to the change, but sorrowful about leaving so many good people here.
I will post pictures of whatever I can whenever I can. For now, good day, and good luck.

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